Lash Extensions

The Service

A full set will take up to 2 hours and a lash fill will take up to 1 hour. 

For a lash fill appointment, it is required you have at least 25-50% of your lashes.  If you booked an appointment for a lash fill and you have less then 25% of your lashes, you may be required to reschedule for a full set at another time. A full set, may be rescheduled for the same day, if there is an available time slot.

Please arrive to your appointment with no eye makeup and clean lashes. This will ensure that your stylist has enough time to complete your service. Also clean eyelashes also have the best retention! However, if you do arrive with eye make up on, please arrive 10 minutes early to clean your lashes your stylist can wash your eyelashes for you, however, this will limit the amount of time spent on your fill or full set.

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